About Us

Any thinkable casting

induction furnace

We supply metal casting in alu- and bronze alloys

- and have done so since 1959.

We manufacture metal castings of all kinds. Since 1959 we have been producing handmoulded items up to about 2500 kilo. Our strenght lies in the solution og a specific task, where we should deliver one, five og maybe up to a frew hundred units.

Another strengt is the ability to change. Because we still hand mold all goods, we can tailor our production to the customers needs. We are therefore ready for any kind of

task, even if it is an urgent task.

Today we are an innovative metal foundry with comprehensive expertise and wide know-how. Our staff og skilled employees, is in Denmark and abroad known as a trusted supplier of quality castings.

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We are proud to have the 5 recognized certifications.